Power Body ICE Workout – Interval Core Exercises

Released in November of 2010 by Bayview Entertainment, the Power Body ICE Workout is led by Jody Trierweiler.  With over 10 years of teaching experience, this is Jody’s breakout performance in an exercise video.  The workout is directed by Tamilee Webb of Buns of Steel fame.

Workout Details

The Power Body ICE Workout – ICE is an acronym for Interval Core Exercises – is a 32 minute workout that alternates between intervals of cardio and total body strength work that engages the core.  The workout is designed to burn calories and boost metabolism.  Power Body ICE Workout is best suited for the intermediate to advanced exerciser.

From the Main Menu, you have the option to play the workout in its entirety or select from the following: Introduction, Warm-Up, ICE Part 1, ICE Part 2 and Stretch.  You also have the option to listen to the Full Mix Audio Option or Music Only – No Cues.  No equipment is needed for the workout, unless you are exercising on a hard surface, in which case you may like to use an exercise mat for the plank work.

Workout Review

The Power Body ICE Workout begins with a brief warm-up that consists of plie squats, lateral and cross-body reaches, hops and light jogging in place.  The warm-up gradually elevates the heart rate in preparation for the main workout.  Once the warm-up is complete Jody begins the heart of the workout alternating between short cardio bursts and intense core exercises.

The first interval begins with a cardio burst of split stance plyometric lunges alternating sides and then moves into plank jump throughs – a move similar to squat thrusts without the squat jump.  Still in a plank position, the workout moves into a trunk rotation, alternating sides and then moves into push-up jacks and knee to opposite elbow while holding plank.  The next segment starts with 180 degree jump turns to elevate the heart rate and then moves back down to the floor for a side plank series.  The third interval begins with jumping rope and butt kicks for cardio and then transitions to prisoner squats and a core plank exercise called elbow taps and ends with crab walks with an alternating toe touch.  This is also the end of Ice Part 1.

Ice Part 2 begins with plyometric push-ups and break dance circles.  The next cardio interval starts with one legged lateral jumps on the right leg immediately followed by the left leg.  Continuing to challenge the legs and balance, the next exercise is a single leg windmill squat, tapping the foot with your hand.  The ICE portion of the workout rounds out with a biped balance, a push-up then extending the arm and opposite leg, and frog jumps.  The workout concludes with a focused abdominal routine and a stretch.

The Power Body ICE Workout offers a targeted core routine that includes an interesting array of exercises and just enough cardio bursts to keep your heart rate elevated.  Jody is friendly and encouraging throughout the workout.  As a lead, she does a superb job explaining the exercises and giving form pointers for some of the more challenging exercises.  I really enjoyed Jody as a lead and hope to see more workouts from her in the future.  The workout is available from AmazonFitness Fly and Total Fitness DVDs.     

Disclaimer: Bayview Entertainment provided me with a copy of Power Body ICE to review. I received no other compensation and I was under no obligation to review it if I so chose. Nor was I under obligation to provide a positive review in return for the free workout. Retail value is $11.99.

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  1. lindseylu says:

    great review. This sounds like a workout I would def enjoy!

  2. Jennifer Mason says:

    What a great workout!! !! This is perfect for when I can’t get to the gym.

  3. HuffandBuff says:


    Power Body Ice is a fantastic workout!


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