Review: Billy Blanks Jr. Dance With Me: Groove and Burn

Workout Details and Review

Dance With Me: Groove and Burn, released on November 30th by Lions Gate Films, is part of a new series of dance-inspired workouts created by Billy Blanks Jr.  Also part of the series is Dance With Me: Cardio Fit, released back on September 7th.  Billy Blanks Jr. is joined by his wife Sharon in the workouts and a cast of enthusiastic background exercisers for an energetic dance-inspired workout party.  

Dance With Me: Groove and Burn includes a warm-up, three dance workouts and a nice cool-down.  The workout combines easy-to-follow dance routines with bursts of toning and cardio exercise to keep the heart rate elevated, tone muscles and burn calories. You can choose from three great dance styles including Disco, African and Latin.  Each of the dance routines is approximately ten minutes in length.  The dance segments are then immediately followed by a two-minute toning or cardio burst before moving on to the next dance routine.  The Disco routine is followed by an unweighted upper body toning segment; the African dance is followed by a two-minute lower body cardio toning segment filled with plies and plie jumps; and the Latin dance is topped off with a two-minute cardio spurt.   

From the Dance With Me: Groove and Burn main menu, you can choose to play any one of the dance segments; there is not a play all option.  The DVD, however, contains a programmable feature that allows you to customize the workout.  In the custom workout menu, you can choose the order in which you want the segments played, you can choose to play all of them, choose one if you are  short on time, or even repeat your favorite dance segment, all based on your schedule and preferences.  After customizing the workout, the DVD also provides a full audio option or a music-only option.

Dance With Me: Groove and Burn is a fun and energetic workout.  Billy Blanks Jr. is a helpful, easy-going, instructor.  For each dance, he breaks it down into manageable pieces, has you practice each part for a couple of tries before adding on the next piece of the dance routine.  He continues to string the pieces of the dance together until the dance routine is a finished product.  The complete dance is then performed a few times.  His teaching style makes the steps easy to learn and the dance routine easy to grasp the first time around.  The workout is adaptable to all fitness levels – dancers and non-dancers alike.

To learn more about Billy Blanks Jr., and his wife Sharon, visit their website Meet the Blanks.  You can also find Billy Blanks Jr and his workouts on ExerciseTV.

Disclaimer: I was provided with a copy of Billy Blanks Jr Dance with Me Groove and Burn to review. I received no other compensation and I was under no obligation to review it if I so chose. Nor was I under obligation to provide a positive review in return for the free workout. Retail value is $11.99.

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  1. lindseylu says:

    I liked Billy as a lead too! Cant wait to try his other.

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