Sculpt and Tone Workout with Karena Dawn and Katrina Hodgsons

Jane Fonda’s Workout Brand – Tone and Sculpt Workout Details and Review

In December of 2010, in conjunction with GoFit, Jane Fonda released her WORKOUT brand which includes a series of original workout DVDs led by today’s top fitness trainers. Hand-picked by Jane Fonda, Katrina Hodgsons and Karena Dawn lead the Sculpt and Tone workout.

Jane Fonda’s WORKOUT Sculpt and Tone is a forty-five minute circuit workout designed to burn calories, melt fat and tighten and tone the entire body. The workout features Karena and Katrina, no other background exercisers are present in the workout. They each take turns performing the workout while the other cues the move and delivers form pointers. Equipment needed for the workout includes a set of dumbbells. From the main menu you only have the option to play the workout, however the workout is chaptered so you can skip through the various chapters.

The Sculpt and Tone workout begins with dynamic flexibility. From there, Karena and Katrina take you through a series of circuits. The first four circuits consist of four exercises in each circuit that are performed a total of two times. With a mix of compound and isolation exercises, the circuits are designed to hit every major muscle group in the body. Many of the exercises target the upper and lower body simultaneously while others challenge the core and balance. The fifth and final circuit of the workout consists of floor work to target the glutes and abdominals.

Jane Fonda’s WORKOUT Sculpt and Tone will give you a complete workout from head-to-toe. It is jam packed with compound exercises, working your upper and lower body simultaneously, that also target the core and offer balance challenges. Karena and Katrina do a good job explaining the exercises and guiding each other through the workout.

About Katrina and Karena

Katrina Hodgsons (BS Health Sciences, NASM, AFAA, AAAI Certified Trainer, Nutritionist) and Karena Dawn (Triathlete, Personal Trainer and Nutritionist) are the founders of Tone It Up. What began as an online fitness resource, Tone It Up, with Katrina’s and Karena’s fun approach to fitness and weight loss, has expanded to more than fourteen million viewers, a DVD series and a private training studio in Hermosa Beach.

Disclaimer: I was provided with a copy of Jane Fonda’s WORKOUT Sculpt and Tone to review. I received no other compensation and I was under no obligation to review it if I so chose. Nor was I under obligation to provide a positive review in return for the free workout. Retail value is $11.49.

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  1. Ruth says:

    I’m familiar with Katrina from the diet.com site. I’m happy to see she is co-leading a workout dvd! Good for her!

  2. kpieczyn says:

    interesting looking workout,

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