GSP-RUSHFIT Strength and Endurance Workout Review

GSP RUSHFIT is a six-workout fitness DVD series starring MMA (Mixed Martial Arts) champion Georges St-Pierre. Each DVD workout consists of five high intensity, highly efficient five minute MMA style circuits or rounds. The workouts deliver a super-effective, high-intensity, short rest interval workout for muscle gain, weight loss and cardiovascular and metabolic benefits. The program also comes with a workout guide, nutrition plan and three different training plans – beginner, intermediate and advanced – so no matter what your starting point, you can choose the right schedule for you.

GSP RUSHFIT - Strength and Endurance Workout is a fifty-five minute broken down into five high-intensity, five-round, full-body conditioning circuits. The workout features Georges St-Pierre and his trainer Erik Owings. They are also joined by two additional background exercisers, one of which shows beginner modifications. Erik takes on the role of trainer and coaches the exercisers throughout the workout, demonstrates the exercises prior to each round and provides form pointers. The DVD also includes, Foundation Moves, an extensive fifty minute tutorial of the moves performed in the GSP RUSHFIT workouts. It is highly recommended that the viewer previews the Foundation Moves prior to doing the workout. For the workout you will only need a set of medium to heavy dumbbells.

GSP RUSHFIT - Strength and Endurance Workout begins with a functional and dynamic warm-up designed to get the body prepared for the intense workout ahead. From there, Erik takes Georges and the exercisers through the five rounds of the workout. Each of the rounds is separated by a one minute active rest. The first two rounds consist of bodyweight only exercises done for sixty seconds each. Here you will find air squats, isometric squats, push-ups, back extensions, squat thrusts and burpees.  The next two circuits feature five back-to-back exercises, performed for thirty seconds each, that are then repeated for the second half of the round. The final circuit is designed to push you to the end performing each exercise for one full minute. Many of the exercises presented, renegade rows, high pulls, dumbbell swings, rotating overhead press, diagonal high press, and many more others incorporate the entire body by engaging the upper body and lower body all while activating the core. The workout concludes with a thorough cool down and stretch.

GSP RUSHFIT - Strength and Endurance Workout is a great, high-intensity, total body circuit workout. The sequencing of the workout rounds makes the time fly by, but make no mistake, you will be working HARD during that time. Though the workout is challenging, the presence of a beginner modifier makes the workout adaptable to all fitness levels. Beginners can follow the modifier until they feel comfortable performing the workout at a more advanced level. Advanced exercisers can take it up a notch by following exercise options given, using heavier weights or increasing the number of repetitions during the timed intervals. Erik Owings does a great job coaching throughout the workout, demonstrating the exercise and explaining the benefits and target of each exercise.

For more information about the GSP RUSHFIT workouts, visit the website. You can also find GSP RUSHFIT on Facebook, follow GSP RUSHFIT on Twitter or check out the GSP RUSHFIT YouTube channel. Stay tuned for detailed reviews of each of the workouts in the GSP RUSHFIT Program.

Disclaimer: I was provided me with a copy of the RUSHFIT DVD Set to review. I received no other compensation and I was under no obligation to review it if I so chose. Nor was I under obligation to provide a positive review in return for the free workout. Retail value is $89.99.

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