Review: Kettlebody by Brook – Yogaburn

Kettlebody by Brook Workout Details and Review

Kettlebody by Brook is a collection of three complete thirty-minute workouts – Cardio Kettlebell, Yoga Burn and Bell Body Sculpt – in one great package. Cardio Kettlebell is a cardio, power and strength workout; Yogaburn, a fusion of Power Yoga with Athletic Conditioning; and Bell Body Sculpt is a full-body toning workout that uses bodyweight and a kettlebell. Led by instructor Brook Benten, each of the workouts provides an intense workout that will challenge even the most advanced exerciser. Brook is joined in the workout by two background exercisers, one of which shows advanced modifications while Brook sticks with a more intermediate level. For the workout you will need a kettlebell, for the kettlebell workouts, and an exercise mat, for the yoga workout.

Kettlebody by Brook – Yogaburn is a thirty minute yoga-inspired workout that fuses Power Yoga with athletic conditioning for a cardiovascular benefit. The main menu options include Play All, Introduction, Yogaburn Workout, Savasana and Credits. In the Introduction, Brook explains how the workout is not a traditional yoga practice and should not be viewed as such but rather a blended workout that incorporates cardio, strength and flexibility all in one workout. She also goes over several poses to better prepare the exerciser for the workout.

Kettlebody by Brook – Yogaburn begins in mountain pose and flows through a simple sequence while adding in athletic movement right from the beginning. Filled with tricep push-ups, downward dogs, chair pose and side squats, the routine slowly raises the heart rate. The workout then transitions into a vinyasa with chatarungas, downward dogs, upward dogs while adding in athletic exercises including screamer lunges and power jacks. She kicks up the intensity and the cardiovascular factor with mountain climbers. She also adds in a balance challenge with a warrior three pose that flows into a front kick.  The workout concludes with an intense three-legged dog sequence that challenges the balance and targets the core. Depending on the selection made from the main menu, the workout also includes a savasana to finish out the workout.

Kettlebody by Brook – Yogaburn is an intense yoga fusion workout that provides a great cardio, strength and flexibility workout. The workout keeps the heart rate pumping, muscles on fire and energy level up. Brook Benten is an engaging lead, has a great personality and is extremely motivating. She cues well throughout the workout and shares plenty of tips and form pointers. She also does a great job of explaining bio-mechanics and why one person may be hold a pose differently from another. She offers encouragement and motivation throughout the workout.

To learn more about Brook Benten, her other workouts and future projects, visit her website Cardiopump Fitness. You can also find Brook on Facebook, Twitter and YouTube.

And, don’t forget to enter the giveaway to win Kettlebody by Brook!

Disclaimer: Brook Benten provided me with a copy of Kettlebody by Brook to review. I received no other compensation and I was under no obligation to review it if I so chose. Nor was I under obligation to provide a positive review in return for the free workout. Giveaway retail value is $29.95.
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