Review: Booty Barre Plus Abs and Arms


Tracey Mallett presents The Booty Barre™ Plus Abs & Arms Workout. It is a uniquely fun, high-energy group fitness experience, which fuses exercise techniques from the worlds of Pilates, Dance, Cardio-Sculpting Moves and Yoga. You’ll firm, tighten and tone your whole body without adding bulk, and you’ll burn calories along the way.


The Booty Barre: Plus Abs and Arms,created by Tracey Mallett, is a fun, high-energy workout that combines the techniques of several disciplines.  In this workout, Tracey blends together techniques from Pilates, Dance and Yoga to work, strengthen and stretch the entire body. This is a well chartered 79 minute workout led by Tracey with four background exercisers- one providing modifications. You will need light hand weights, a chair (or barre), and an optional playground ball for this workout. The sections include: Fusion Warmup, Killer Arms, Booty Barre & Abs, Core Challenge & Calming Stretch.

Fusion Warmup: (7 min) This is a fast paced yoga-inspired warmup that uses flowing movement to really get you ready for the work ahead. Exercises include: flowing squats with big arms, crescent pose, low pulsing plies, pulsing chair, one legged chair etc.

Killer Arms: (14 min) You will use light (3-5 lb) weights for this section. Though the emphasis is on the upper body- you will also work the lower body and hit the core. Exercises include: overhead triceps press, head taps, punches & torso twist punches in plie, curtsy – side leg raise- with big arms, preacher curls with plie pulses, windmill arms in plie, wiper arms, one leg balancing triceps press, & triceps dip variations.

Booty Barre & Abs: (34 min) This ballet inspired barre workout really hits the lower body but the core is worked as well. This section is mostly standing & you will use your chair back (or barre) for balance. Exercises include: closed heel plie, wide toe plies, wiper knees, elevator plies, pelvic tuck, oblique tucks, single leg balance – side leg sweep, slow mountain climbers, balance elbow to knee pulls, etc.

Core Challenge & Calming Stretch: (23 min) This core & stretch section is Pilates inspired. You will need light weights for many of the moves. Exercises include: can can, c-curve roll down, toe drops, Pilates bike, weighted lower abdominal crunch, swan dive rock, snake, roll over series, & scissors.

The Booty Barre: Plus Abs and Arms is a great fusion workout that hits the entire body.  Tracey is a fabulous instructor, warm and engaging, motivating and professional.  She uses great form, cues well and offers form pointers and through instruction throughout the workout.  The workout is adaptable to all levels with modifications shown and encouragement to take breaks when needed

For more information please visit:
Tracey Mallett’s Booty Barre website
Booty Barre on Facebook
Tracey Mallett on Twitter
The Booty Barre YouTube channel


Disclaimer: I was provided with a copy of to review. I received no other compensation and I was under no obligation to review it if I so chose. Nor was I under obligation to provide a positive review in return for the free workout. Retail value is $19.99.

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  1. susan says:

    I just ordered this dvd today along with the other booty barre dvd. I got Cathe’s Turbo tower for my birthday last month so I’m hoping to add a few barre workouts into my workout schedule. Looking forward to trying out these workouts. I’m excited for Cathe’s barre workout too. Just wondered what are your thoughts on the other barre workouts? Are they effective?

  2. HuffandBuff says:

    Hey Susan!

    I’ve tried several Barre workouts – Booty Barre, Physique 57, et al – and they each offer something different. I like the style of training and really like Tracey Mallett – I am looking forward to seeing what Cathe brings to the table as well. I think there is room for different disciplines in exercise training but I think I enjoy traditional strength training more – I think. I’m sure that will change tomorrow ;)


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