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Tracey Mallett Pilates Super Sculpt Review

Pilates Super Sculpt

Pilates Super Sculpt Details and Review Pilates Super Sculpt, released in November 2010, created by Tracey Mallett, is a fun, low key Pilates workout that targets the core as well as the entire body. In this workout, Tracey uses targeted Pilates techniques to sculpt and chisel the muscles of the core, butt, legs and thighs. The workout …

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Review: Piloxing with Viveca Jensen


Piloxing Review and Details Piloxing is a sixty minute fusion workout that blends Pilates with boxing. Led by Viveca Jensen, the workout is a unique mix of upper body toning, using boxing combinations, combined with targeted lower body sculpting using traditional Pilates exercises. Piloxing is designed to strengthen your core while toning and sculpting your muscles. With a mixture …

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Bernadette Giorgi Pilates Power Ball Sculpt Workout Review and Giveaway

pilates power ball sculpt

***THIS GIVEAWAY IS NOW CLOSED*** Pilates Power Ball Sculpt Workout Details and Review Pilates Power Ball Sculpt is a fifty two minute Pilates mat workout created by Bernadette Giorgi founder of the Just B Method. The workout incorporates the use of a Power Ball to challenge you to work slower and harder. The DVD includes the full fifty two …

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