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Review: Jane Fonda’s Workout – Minibands

Jane Fonda Minibands

Jane Fonda’s Workout Brand – Minibands Details and Review In the 1980s, Jane Fonda popularized aerobics and brought exercise video to the masses when her award-winning workout video “Jane Fonda’s Workout” was released in 1982. The workout started a movement not just of aerobics but working out at home.  Nearly thirty years later, in conjunction with …

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Must Haves for the Home Gym

fitness home

  Do you want to make that exercise commitment but don’t have the time or money to join a gym?  With these must-have home gym items you can start working out at home today. Practically Free You – that’s right, all you need is you and equipped with a few bodyweight exercises you can start …

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Working 9-5: Workout at Work

fitness at work

Gone are the days where manual labor accounted for most of our energy expenditure.  Physical labor has been replaced with desk jobs, machines and technology that do the work for us.  Over two-thirds of Americans in the workforce are overweight.  But a desk job doesn’t have to mean extra pounds to your waistline.  Here are some …

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